Compound walls

RKB is a specialist place to make RCC compound walls in customized designs to suit your taste and budget. RKB also does on site works regarding RCC compound walls. Please do contact with your requirements to Mr. Balasubramanian.


Fencing Beam / Pillars: 0.5’ x 0.5’x 12’ (max)
Slabs: 72” x 12” x 1.75” (max)

Goodness of RCC Compound Walls:

  • Basement is not needed. It avoids the usage of bricks, TMT rods and high usage of cement mixture.
  • Fixing takes one day with minimum labour.
  • Width of the wall (1.75”) does not take much space.
  • Quality ensured by Engineers through various researches.
  • Better than wired-fencing.
  • Plastering not needed. Financially effective.
  • 40% lesser cost over using blocks.
  • Movable.
  • Covers from height 4 feet to 12 feet.
  • Available in new designs and shapes.